Tone up bum, tum & thighs


I want to change my life around and my lifestyle. I smoke but I am going to quit as its affecting my health a lot (I can barely run without huffing and puffing). I want to tone up my stomach, bum and thighs I dont want to lose weight just tone up. I have no idea where to start. I am very nervous and embarrassed about going to the gym as I am worried people will look and laugh at me getting out of breath to easily. I was going to try and workout at home but dont have any equipment and dont want to spend a lot of money on weights etc. I have tried doing buttock clenches and sit-ups but I dont think I am doing them correctly. Can someone please give me some ideas on how to tone up properly, which exercises will help me tone my stomach, bum and thighs? Any other tips will be appreciated. Thanks.



I never thought it would work but using my Wii at home has helped me get into good enough shape to not not be afraid to hit the gym and get better. Like most of the ladies have said it is tough at the start but worth it in the end.


Try a bit of everything


I totally agree with you re the Wii Fit. Trouble is, I damaged my knee while trying to keep up with the personal trainer! So have tried a lot of other things.

Pilates is good; for stretching though, not aerobics. And my Lateral Thigh Trainer is good for getting up a sweat! I would recommend the Wii Fit ordinary exercises plus a bit of stretching.

Hope to get some motivation from you ladies on here as I seem to have piled a bit of weight on lately - !!!


try aerobics at home

Hi friend,

Its a very good idea to quit smoking and tone up. According to me you don't need to visit the gym to do those strenuous steps.

How is the idea to dance and lose weight and get the right curves. Yes! it has proven effective in my case.
I like watching fitness videos and i came across this wonderful dvd called Bollyrobics. Its aerobics in dance form. You can practice it in the privacy of your home and without spending a dime.

Check out the trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SafNTkBWovI. I have been practicing regularly along with this dvd and results are there to see. Now its available in HD version too.

Good luck!


Re "tone up bum, tum & thighs"

Doing yoga can help you. I highly recommend it because it has helped me address my "going out of breath" issue when doing the exercises and swimming. But, it would be more effective if you totally quit smoking.



It's hard but not impossible

Smoking is definilty bad for your health but just remember by stopping smoking you are bond to pick up weight but it'll be worth it as you are dieting. Stomach sit up's depending on if you're body can allow you to do so, bum and thighs are a easy startout walk, most people don't think of that, a 40 minute walk a day with your dog, kid whatever will do you great! Don't be ashamed to go to gym, no one's going to laugh at you it's all in your mind! Gyming at home is difficult but if anything buy a bike to put infront of your TV Time will pass quickly and so will you're weight!

Go for it, you sound like a motivated women now all you have to do is start today!


Tone up tummy, bum and thighs


It seems like we are on the same page. I am getting married next year and i desperately need to tone up. I believe that excercising should be fun, and it will be good to have a buddy, so you can motivate each other.
I like to run, but have not managed to build up my stamina, so i will like to start with just brisk walks, and take it from there, you don't have to go to the gym to tone up. I know a few excercises that can be done in doors as well, to tone up the stomach, thighs and bum.


Have you tried the lateral thigh trainer?

Its supposed to do all that & more . I ahve one, its actually quite fun & in the privacy of my own home...so no torture chamber gym. They are really expensive on the telly but I got mine for half that price and delivered to my door!

What I also like is the workout is 15/20 mins, and I have it on the lowest setting (foe old lady after a hip replacement!) well I don't want to put myself off.
I am starting to use it every day from 12th Feb.
I am also not fussed about weight I just need to tone this ageing body before it all hits the floor!))


True, true...

I feel the same way... I started doing some "step aerobics" in my bedroom on occasion and I've found that I'm completely out of breath in about 3-4 minutes flat. After a less intensive warm-up I'm going for about 15-20 minutes now. I'm using a home-made 6 inch step and following basic moves while moving around to popular dance music. I can really feel it in the calves if I stay on my toes, so I recommend stepping evenly or rolling heel to toe when you step. I also experienced sore thighs (on the front) and the back too (doing the leg-lifts). So after only a week I've made it from 3 mintues to 15 and I've cut down on the smoking too. I want to quit but it's so hard. I've noticed the scale going up about 6 pounds in the week, but I don't think anything of it since I know I'm eating right, it might have something to do with the increased activity and reduced smoking. Eating habits haven't changed at all. I'm taking my regular 2300 calories a day (male, 27, 5'7"). I just felt like commenting and I'm curious if anyone else is having issues such as quitting smoking to increase the effectiveness of your workout.


People mite think ur strange but....

i toned my bum up by clenching it countin to 10 then id breathe then do it again while i was at work...may aswel do something while in the office,did get sum funny looks but was worth it in the end xx

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