Coming off the pill after a long time


Hi everyone Im new!
I have been on the pill for about 8 years now and me and my boyfriend of 6 years want to start trying for a baby. How hard is it to concieve after being on the pill for so long? I started my periods early at age 10 and was always irregular then.
Thanks Sam x


Hello cud someone please help me?

iv been with my partner 4yrs in july, and iv been on the microgynon 30 pill for about 3 and a half yrs, we have been talkin about havin a baby, i came off the pill on the 10th may 2009, we hav been tryin but no look yet, i was just wondering how long it takes for the pill to come out of my body? i really dnt kno wot to do....x


Hi there


To be honest it depends on each person how long it takes to get out your system, it can be a few months or only a month or two. on the whole when you have a proper period after coming off the pill i would give it a couple of months to see how long your cycle is too then you would have an idea of when you ovulate.
Sometimes it can take a little time to get pg so hang in there but on average 2 years is the time they give you for trying to conceive.
Hope that helps.


Some people its quick some people its not!

Hi Sam

I came off the pill after 15 years. I have had 20 cycles since but no pregnancy so far.

The first few months I had strange pregnancy symtoms ie sore boobs, bloating, emotional etc. Convinced each month i was pregnant! My periods changed hugely, now I have just spotting.

I am going to see fertilty expert soon. The docs say it can take up to a year for normal couple to concieve.

Good Luck



Am i pregnant?

elo i have been on the microgynon 30 pill nw 4 about 7 or 8 months.I took the last pill in my pack and had a period, it only lasted like 3 days!it has been 24 days nw wiv out a period, i have been feeling sick alot, going off food from the chippy, and keep losing a discharge and i can not stop weeing!can anyone help me please?


Coming off the pill after a long time

i came off the pill in Sep 07 and i am still having irregular periods. my cycle has been all over the place but it is realy long but seems to be levelling out a bit but its still 42 days long. I was on Microgynon 30. has anyone else had long cycles like this?


It took me 6 months to get a period


I took a brake from microgynon early last year it took me 6 months to get a period then about another two for it to become regular, I think this is normal to be honest! So dont worry it will sort itself out we are all diffrent!


Coming off the pill after a long time- hope this helps

I know we are all very different but ive been on pill for 12 years and for the last year have been taking it continously for 3 months at a time to try to calm my endometriosis! i have that and i only have one ovary and within two months of coming off i am pregnant- even the docs are suprised- good luck girls!!



Hiya. I am on my first month off the pill too, hoping to conceive. I have been doing ALOT of reading on it and it seems a bit like pot luck to me. Some people fall pregnant straight after coming off, other people take a little more time, it's hard to tell. I guess the main thing is to relax and not make sex something you HAVE to do. Keep an eye out for when you are fertile, there are loads of calenders online which can help you. Also, try not to stress about it too much, (easy to say I know!)
I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on?



Hi Sam,
I was on Logynon for 11 years. My husband and I decided to come off to try for a baby in December, so I took my last pill on the 28th December. I was expecting for it to take 18 monts to 2 years, but I became pregant straight away, and am now 6 weeks. The same thing happened with my sister the first time round, but it took her 18 months when trying for her scond child.
I Think the main answer is to try often (14ish days before the first day of your next bleed), and enjoy!!!
Good Luck.


"coming off the pill"

I took the pill for 8 maybe even 9 years and me and my partner started trying last june 2006, I found out about 2 weeks ago that im eight weeks pregnant. Well excited thought it would never happen.
Sounds draft but try not to try and enjoy it!!
Thanks Claire


Same as me!!


Your situation is pretty much exactly the same as mine, I had been on the pill for 8yrs and my fella and I have decided that after 7yrs together now is the time to start trying. The thing is every one is different, I just know that we have been trying since Nov 06, but my cycle hasnt regulated out yet so that makes it so much harder to plan the best time.

I thought that being quite young ( I am 24 on friday 9th!) would mean we would get pregnant as soon as my last pill packet hit the bottom of the bin but it hasnt been the case... I know that in reality it can take a perfectly healthy couple a year to conceive... i just dont want to wait that long!!!

The best thing to do is not to worry about it as it can take a while for your body to go back to normal...although you could be one of the really lucky ones who falls straight away...

Either way GOOD LUCK.... the fun is always in the trying




I was on the pill for 13 years and come off in June and now i am 11 and half weeks. It really depends there is no set time scale. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or your partner and enjoy the practicing....



no one can answer this question for u because everyone is different, i was on microgynon for 7 years came off it had one normal period and am now 20 weeks pregnant, some people try for years tho before their body returns to normal, see how ur cycles pan out, if u were irregular before its a good idea to have some periods before trying to concieve else it will be a nightmare to work out your dates!! good luck


Thanks for the replies!


Thanks for the replies guys!
I only stopped taking my pill the first week of January and am due my first proper period since then next week.
I know it could take a year realistically for anything to happen but I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to 'help' things get moving and better my chances.
Good luck to everyone else x




i been off pill for over 2 years now. we been trying for year now periods are still irreg. try using ovulation strips to indcate ur fertle window x


Ovulation strips?


Hi Rach. Are these expensive to buy and how do they work!?




got 50 ovulation tests from ebay for 8 pound!they just like preg tests really. from the 12th day of your cycle start testing daily untll you get your positive. this happens just before you ovulate so you can have intercourse at the right time x


Ovulation tests


Thanks Rach, Im going on Ebay now to have a look!


Try calendars to work out dates


Hi Sammy

Have you been ferreting on the net yet? Try some calendars to work out your expected date for ovulation, they're free as opposed to the kits. Google 'pregnancy calendars' and there will be a few sites that will tell you roughly when to 'practice' lol, for best results.

Good luck!




Hi Popsy thanks for that, I'll have a look now!

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