Help! 10 weeks late and no period


Im not on the pill, never have been. my partner and i are trying for a baby and im 10 weeks late, no period but tests are negative. I have PCOS but ive never gone this long without a period. the most ive been late was 3 weeks. Any ideas?


Still nothing

im 11 weeks now, the doctor is sending me for a scan but dont know how long that will take. did another test - negative. i have never been this long late, 3 weeks is my max. the doctor has told me to behave as if i am pregnant but she isn't sure yet as to whether i am or not.

Good luck on the tablets, if im not they will be putting me on them so let me know how they go



Similar job!

Hi it november 10th, i ahvent had a period since september 5th! did a test yest and neg! should i go to the doctors?? and new to here so whats PCOS?i came off the pill in july and had two periods last was a week late but never been this late! help




yes you should go see a doctor. pcos is poly cystic ovaries can make it very hard to become pregnant, but go see a doctor get them to check you out its better safe then sorry


Bad news-or no news cant decide!


been to docs and he told me to come back in 6months time! cos of the pill they wont do owt till we've been tring for a year!!! so im lost now! what do we do! were gonna keep triyng but is there any chance in getting preggers? its harder that i ever imagined this baby making job!!




Most doctors wont help till you've been trying for at least a year, it gives your body chance to get its system normal after the pill. The only advive i can give you is for now relax, enjoy your self and do not stress, this makes it harder to concieve (easier said i know)

I went back to the doctors and they finally agreed to do a blood test, i get results back tommorrow, so fingers crossed

Take care all, I will let you know either way




i have pcos too, i stopped pill in july and was regular until this month. i am now 10 days late but tests are negative!! im worried i am pregnant too but with pcos u can never be sure!
i havent got any advise for you but i am in the same situation xxx


I'm in your club!


I'm on my 10th week waiting now too, last bfn was on Sunday- went to the hospital today for ultrasound and they have diagnosed pcos... we've been trying for over a year and a half now and this is the longest it's ever been- I've had a few cycles last 9wks- I feel like I'm about to burst!! My stomach is feeling so bloated!!

I had a suspected mc back in July- I had 2 bfp's but by the time I got to doc's I started to spot and got bfn from doc's!!

I'm hoping once I go back to see my consultant that they will start me on the clomid and fingers crossed we will be in the pg club!

I'm feeling very optimistic (which I didn't expect) thought I would be so down once pcos had been confirmed but it actually feels like a relief- now I know what's wrong and there is treatment... oh is excited too as increased chance of multiple births and he would like twins...not sure how I feel about carrying 2 babies though!!

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