Not sure what to think..helpppp x


Hello girls,
I have been trying for a baby since october 2011.
I arraged a clairvoyant night that i had on friday, we were all in a group of family, partner and friends (only me and my partner knew we were ttc) the woman was amazing! On my go the first thing she said to me was your trying for a baby, which i quickly denied as i didnt want to be asked for updates all the time from family members, she told me she did see a baby boy.. Which was nice to hear, she started to rub her belly and said you have been having belly pains (which have been bad for over a week now) she said it was nothing serious and to go to the doctors, she told me lots of different things that were all true, about car trouble i have had, noises in my car that i have avoided and jobs i had been looking into and things i have been looking to study, she told me she struggled to connect with me, but i knew this was because i had lied from the begining. As she left she said to me good luck and smiled.. I later texted her and told her i couldnt answer the question, and would loved to have hurd what happened next, she replied and said she knew i was lying and that she did see a baby, but if it took me longer than it should to go to the doctors And also asked have i reasontly thought i had been pregnant, which i have been thinking, she said pregnancy = pain, and that was good.
I am not sure weather she told me to go to the doctors because of the pain cus i am pregnant or cus something is wrong with my body (she said nothing serious) she was amazing!! I did a test that was negative last night just to see if i was pregnant and still had a period which was negitive but i am not due on till next sat.
Sorry for the long story. Would be great to know what you all think?? X



Would love some advise xx




Im really into things like this. Im not expert but i think shes saying its gonna happen




Thankyou for your reply.. I do think i am having the first sigms of AF today tho. Belly is still in pain tho.. Dunno if she ment something was wrong with me?? Xx



I wouldnt have thought something was wrong because im sure she would have sensed that as a stronger vibe than what sex of baby your having.
Maybe going to the doctors was a way of saying instead of iffing and butting to just go so you put your mind to rest, get the info you need etc m.
I maybe wrong but thats my perception of it x

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