What to wear for a wedding barn dance?!


I'm having a major fashion dilemma - please help

I recently got married - we decided that a formal do wasn't for us, so we had a small family wedding abroad, and are going to have a barn dance next month to get to celebrate with everyone. It's going to be informal, and the dress code is casual. But I have no idea what to wear! As the bride, I feel I should wear something special (not a wedding dress, as we've already had the wedding, but something pretty) but on the other hand I'd feel stupid in something too dressy or glam when everyone else is dressed down. It has to be something that I can dance in, so nothing too short or too long!

Any ideas?



Deedra re wedding barn dance

Hi, I am getting married too in 2016 and we too want a barn dance in the evening, I have exactly the same dilemma but time is on my side! Just had a brainwave, we recently went to see Dolly Parton and she was wearing a short fitted white dress with black velvet fitted bodice and edging on the dress plus lots of sparkly jewellery! She is the queen of country music, wondering if I've hit on a good idea, maybe with 3/4 length white cowboy boots! It ! Let me know what you think! deedrajeffery@aol.com


Maybe a bit late, but still ...

I'm probably a bit late, as I've only just come across your post, but I thought I'd reply anyway.
I do a lot of wedding barn dances - as the caller - check out the videos on my website: http://barndance.biz.
I can't tell you how many times I've seen women struggling to cope particularly with totally inappropriate footwear.
From my point of view, bare feet work really well, provided the floor is parquet (or carpeted, although that's not ideal). Failing that, flats are preferable to heels.
As for the dress, I've seen party guests come to the ceilidh in all sorts of fancy dress - notably check shirts, jeans and even the odd pistol belt - but for me the overriding rule is that you should be comfortable.

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