What is a discussion board?
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What is a discussion board?

A forum, or discussion board, is a place on the Internet where you can communicate with other people. It is usually organised by discussion themes (threads), such as Having a Baby, Getting Married or Fashion. Users chat by posting messages on the board according to the thread, to make friends, discuss issues which are important to them or offer support or help to other members.
To communicate with other members, you post a message, or a reply to a previous message. Talk about what's on your mind, ask a question or start a debate with other users!
Anyone can enter the forum to read other people's messages, but you need to sign in to post your own. To register with Club soFeminine, click on "Register !"
You can see the list of themes (threads) for each discussion board in two ways:
the title of the message which started the thread
or all messages in the thread
To change the way you display each thread, just click on 'Display all messages', or 'Display thread titles'.
When you look at a list of responses to a particular post, you may notice that some message titles are indented. This shows you who has replied to who.
To post a new message, just click on the name of the board which you are interested in, then the 'New thread' icon. To reply to someon else's post, just click on the message you wish to reply to, then the 'Reply' icon.
If other posters bother you, you can choose not to read their post and continue reading the thread without seeing their messages. To block all posts from a certain person, just click on their username when you're in the thread (underlined) and follow the instructions.
"Why have some messages been deleted?" :
To maintain a friendly environment in the forums, the moderator intervenes after comments are posted, removing messages that don’t respect other people or groups; those of a commercial or pornographic nature; and those that contain forbidden subjects or non-authorised advertising. See Community Terms and Conditions

Control Panel

DISCUSSION BOARDS... gives you access to the full list of forums, like Sex & Love, Fashion & Beauty or Having a Baby & Parenting.

THREADS... takes you back to the list of posts which started each discussion, or thread, for the forum which you are in. You can either display the titles of each message, or the whole messages.

NEW THREAD... lets you write and post message which will start a new discussion in the forum which you are in at the time.

REPLY... enables you to reply to a previous post. You will be able to see your reply next to the post it relates to.

SEARCH... allows you to search all the soFeminine forums for information. To make your search more efficient, keep your search criteria as narrow as possible, for example, by searching one forum at a time. Your results page will show posts which started the thread with the information you are looking for.


Show people how you are feeling with a smiley! You can make symbols with the keys below, to show what mood you're in:


Meaning Keys

Smile: Happy :-)

Wink: I'm with you on that one ;-)

Big Smile or Laughter: That's great! :-D

Sad face: Unhappy :-(

Surprise: Confused :-O

Hmmmm: Not sure :-/

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